NGAAF-funded project by Baringo Women Rep set to reduce banditry

Baringo County Women Rep Florence Jematia with Bomet County Women Rep Toto (second row, second and third woman to the left respectively) during the launch of NGAAF projects in Baringo County, being entertained by MC Vuvuzela in Kapropita ward Kabarnet Sub-County, Baringo. PHOTO/Janet Kiriswo, Scholar Media Africa.
  • NGAAF is a semi-autonomous government agency (SAGA) which is in the State Department of Gender Affairs is under the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs.
  • In Baringo County, never before has a women representative ever launched a project to benefit the county. 
  • First, the various successful groups had to do their applications by detailing the one project they wished to do.

Bursary funds worth KSh3.8 million for the Second Chance program, the supply of a range of transformative items like water tanks, umbrellas, quarry break tools, tents, chairs, posho mills, wheelbarrows, public address systems, water pump generators, car wash machines among others are the first step to keeping hands busy away from handling guns and stealing cattle in Baringo County.

Supporting one another

These are courtesy of the evolution of Baringo witnessed by women leaders from across the North Rift region who came in support of their own, breaking the chains of poverty, backwardness and illiteracy associated with Baringo County over the years.

The motto of the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF), which is Empowering for Self-Reliance, has been evidently achieved by the county of Baringo after it launched various programs for the various groups in all the sub-counties.

NGAAF is a semi-autonomous government agency (SAGA) which is in the State Department of Gender Affairs, is under the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs.

Its programs were realized through first-hand experience in the county of Baringo during the launch of the whole county’s programs. 

Women, youth and business people who have registered Youth groups benefitted after a series of applications to be able to secure the benefits of being supported in the development of various groups’ choices.


The programs are meant to economically empower Kenyans of various walks, to prevent substance abuse, support and build talent in sports, music and various arts, create value addition initiatives through small businesses, industries and agribusiness and also cater to emergency response. 

In Baringo, it is a way expected to influence positively the bandits’ minds to change for the better.

Application process

First, the various successful groups had to do their applications by detailing the one project they wished to do and give the contact details of the registered name of the group, and also attaching a copy of up to date registration certificate.

Next, the groups would be required to also provide at least two contact persons of the group.

Thirdly, each group was required to explain briefly the sustainability of their project and why they should be considered for the NGAAF program.

This application has already attracted a number of groups and even newly formed ones.

Leaders in Baringo County have applauded the move by Baringo’s Women Representative Florence Jematia for adopting it and even creating one unifying factor for the people of Baringo.

The launch

During the launch of the NGAAF projects across Baringo County, held in Kapropita ward Kenya Cereals board ground in Kabarnet Sub-County in Baringo County, a display of the applied materials was open for all citizens to view, including generators, public address systems, plastic chairs, umbrellas, water tanks amongst others.

Some of the materials launched included wheelbarrows, generators, water tanks, and umbrellas. PHOTO/Janet Kiriswo, Scholar Media Africa.

Using the availability of NGAAF support to Baringo residents, Baringo’s Women Representative has said she is in office to work for her people tirelessly. 

She says the county needs to be alert to flash floods and the effects of the ongoing rain. 

The availability of the affirmative action fund in the form of grants and scholarships is to cater to different Kenyans from different backgrounds to address gender and various disabilities.

The People Living with Disability have their next launch slotted for early next year, with Jematia saying their program is special, thus the need to take time and focus on them next.

In her speech, Jematia insisted on the need for leaders to coexist and champion development, saying that she would serve all without discrimination.

She promised to introduce to women groups incubators with more than 1000 eggs and have them trained before partaking the project in Baringo County.

Jematia, who also sits on the parliamentary Budget committee, has said that the beneficiaries under NGAAF are expected to be able to support themselves after three to four years.

She named the various irrigation projects she targets next in areas of Sirata, Ilchamus, and Njemps through the supply of water pumps and pipes that will be distributed fairly for all to benefit.

“I will supply materials on need, not on knowing each other,” she insisted.

Taking action

The Lioness has asked residents of Baringo to be creative, register groups and defend the reasons for their project to make the funding easier.

She admitted that though insecurity has not been totally arrested, it has been reduced and the menace should end as it is setting the county backward.

For that reason, she says her initiative to put lights in every center in Baringo is ongoing as she looks forward to starting phase two of lighting up the county of Baringo in every town center. 

For the project to be even more sustainable and avoid the Kenya Power hitches often experienced, Jematia has announced the need to embrace cheaper and more sustainable solar lighting.

She called on Baringo’s residents not to waste time fighting each other as leaders but to unite for posterity. 

Second Chance

All Members of Parliament in Baringo County have been challenged to on the issuance of cheques to needy students in schools and the Women Representative’s office cannot cater to all the needy students in Baringo.

The KSh3.8 million contributed by NGAAF is channeled to the Woman Representative of Baringo’s project, the Second Chance. 

This project is meant to have all girls who dropped out due to pregnancies and other reasons go back to school and realize their dreams.

“When you get a second chance, please make use of it; and those who impregnate young school girls, that must stop,” she added.

Presenting the cheque with her was Kericho Women Representative Beatrice Kemei.

In Baringo County, never before has a women representative ever launched a project to benefit the county. 

The move has created a lot of jitters, with the rest of the leaders shifting gear at the pace at which Baringo’s Women Representative is serving her people. 

A force to reckon with

Her prowess has earned her the name Lioness, with Baringo’s Senator being seen to always be in the forefront to back the ambitious Lioness, earning him the name Super Senator William Cheptumo. 

With these two seeming to be a force to reckon with, the North Rift region has been awakened to the fact that Baringo is no longer a sleeping giant. 

The leaders have started watering the brewing fire of successions and calling for unity amongst the leaders to achieve development and ethnic respect for the ruling president.

This comes even after President William Ruto announced early this year the need to increase the Affirmative Action fund by KSh 1 billion to KSh 3 billion in the next financial year to address the plight of the vulnerable.

Among the women who accompanied Jematia was Kericho’s Women Representative Beatrice Kemei and Bomet’s Women Representative, Linet alias Toto.

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Baringo’s Senator William Cheptumo was present, Members of County Assembly and the various beneficiaries from the Sub-Counties of Baringo, among others.

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