Beauty With Purpose: Unveiling the dream of Miss World Kenya

Chantou Kwamboka, Miss World Kenya and spearheading leader, Save a Life initiative. She is eyeing the global Miss World crown in May 2023. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Chantou Kwamboka, Miss World Kenya and spearheading leader, Save a Life initiative. She is eyeing the global Miss World crown in May 2023. PHOTO/Courtesy.
  • After winning the 2022/23 crown in Kenya, she is eyeing the global beauty crown.
  • She has led life-changing initiatives impacting the masses in Kenya and beyond.
  • Her resilience and optimism have seen her climb the ladder of modelling wi.

In the vast expanse of Kenya’s diverse landscapes, amidst the rhythmic beats of its vibrant culture, a remarkable story unfolds— a tale of the unwavering pursuit of dreams, resilience, and determination. 

At the heart of this narrative stands Chantou Kwamboka, a young 24-year-old who has transcended the boundaries of her upbringing to become the embodiment of grace, beauty, and the unyielding spirit of Kenya.

From her early beginnings in the arid lands of Turkana, Kwamboka’s life was a whirlwind of adaptation and movement. 

Her father’s job required constant relocation, thrusting her into a kaleidoscope of communities, schools, and cultures.

“I was a jumpy and joyful child,” she recalls. 

Amidst these dynamic shifts, she honed her ability to connect with people from different backgrounds, imbibing the rich tapestry of Kenya’s cultural mosaic.  

Kwamboka enjoying skateboarding, one of her hobbies. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Kwamboka enjoying skateboarding, one of her hobbies. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Yet, her journey was not confined to mere adaptability. 

With an innate passion for creativity, she transformed every hurdle into an opportunity for artistic expression. 

From coaxing melodies from her beloved violin to painting breathtaking canvases, she became a living testament to the power of the arts to touch souls and transcend boundaries. 

Her heart blooms like a garden, like her love for flowers, radiating love for life, nature, and preserving our precious environment.

The journey

As her story unfolds, it intertwines with glamour and high fashion. 

The journey of a thousand footsteps started in the hallowed halls of Kadika Girls High School in Migori, where she emerged as a promising contestant during the celebrated cultural day. 

She also loves playing the violin. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Her courage and braveness showed from that point because, as a Form 1 just new in, one would be intimidated by her peers — but she took it head on! 

A cultural day is a celebration in Kenyan schools involving students coming together to share creativity, cultural diversity, and richness. 

She won the competition as Miss Kadika Girls representing Form 1 in 2012.

With each stride on the runway, Kwamboka’s passion for modeling ignited, propelling her through the highs and lows of this competitive realm. 

She joined Maseno University to pursue Medical Biotechnology. She knew she would contest for Miss Maseno. Kwamboka became 1st runner-up as a 1st-year-student, which was impressive. 

Since then, she has been a cat-walking coach as many people applauded her skills and wanted to learn the strides.

Chantou’s parents have been fully supportive emotionally, financially, and in every way possible. 

Her dad chipped in on campus when he saw things had started getting serious when she was invited to Maseno radio. 

“He was so excited that his daughter is on the radio,” Kwamboka says.

Miss World Kenya

The end goal for Kwamboka was to finally have the chance to contest in the Miss World Kenya competition. 

Miss World Kenya is a national pageant in Kenya to represent Miss World.

In 2021, destiny beckoned with the Miss World Kenya Pageant— a chance to claim the coveted crown and represent her country globally. 

In 2021, as the first runners up interview at The Trend, NTV. PHOTO/Courtesy.
In 2021, as the first runners-up interview at The Trend, NTV. PHOTO/Courtesy.

As fate would have it, Kwamboka emerged as the 1st runner-up, tasting both the sweetness of recognition and the bittersweet sting of almost attaining her goal.

But undeterred, she resolved to return in 2022. 

“It was a risk, but this time I had renewed determination, meticulous planning, self-belief, an unwavering support system, and prayers,” she says. 

Through unrelenting effort and indomitable spirit, Kwamboka emerged triumphantly, crowned Miss World Kenya 2022/2023!

“I’m happy, blessed, grateful and highly favored. I smile, cry and laugh all at the same time. This is truly a dream come true. 

The big moment! Kwamboka after being announced Miss World Kenya. Photo/Courtesy.

I am completely grateful for how long this journey has unfolded. For the overwhelming love and support, I will forever be indebted. 

We dream, God aligns for sure. I am honored to be your new Queen. May God bless and oversee this new chapter,” she posted on Instagram upon the win.

Save a life

Beyond the glamour and glitz of her title, Kwamboka’s mission reaches far deeper, resonating with the essence of social responsibility and compassion. 

As she takes on the role of representing Kenya on a global platform, her purpose extends beyond personal accolades – she strives to be a catalyst for change, a mental health champion, and a beacon of hope.

Her first walk on the runway as Miss World Kenya 2022/2023. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Her first walk on the runway as Miss World Kenya 2022/2023. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Inspired by the legendary Priyanka Chopra, an actress and Miss World 2000, she is drawn to the remarkable journey of a true wonder woman. 

Since her teenage years, she remembers following Chopra’s footsteps closely, learning invaluable lessons on living life brimming with meaning and purpose. 

Through her advocacy efforts, she seeks to embody those ideals, inspiring others to nurture their mental-wellbeing, embrace their uniqueness and pursue a path that uplifts themselves and the world around them.

“In an era where instant gratification and societal expectations are glorified, youths should be patient and value a step-by-step of their dreams,” she advises the youth. 

With the advent of social media, societal pressures are prevalent, which may affect the youth’s mental health. 

Kwamboka stands as a steadfast advocate for open support and dialogue.

Kwamboka enjoying a proud moment with her parents after being crowned. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Kwamboka enjoying a proud moment with her parents after being crowned. PHOTO/Courtesy.

With unyielding determination, she fearlessly raises her voice, ensuring that no one walks alone on their journey. 

Through the strength of her connections with family and friends, she navigates life’s challenges, shining a light on the path to empowerment, self-care, and resilience.

Her dedication extends beyond her battles. 

Fueled by her sense of purpose, she has embarked on a mission to alleviate the hunger crisis that plagues her beloved Kenya. 

As the first recipient of comprehensive support from the Government of Kenya, she engages in fruitful conversations with corporate and stakeholders. 

Kwamboka spearheads the “Save a Life” project, a beauty with a purpose initiative to alleviate the hunger crisis. 

Kwamboka during an event y the Ministry of Youth Affairs, The Arts and Sports. She thanked CS Ababu Namwamba for offering support to the youth. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Every act of kindness and every donation contributes to the collective efforts of creating a world where no one goes to bed hungry.

Kwamboka invites us all to this remarkable advocacy journey to join hands and unite to pursue a better tomorrow. 

We can support her noble cause by donating to the “Save a Life” project through pay bill number 247247 and account number 0033. 

Supporting this cause is a chance to embrace the power of collective action and make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by hunger, one generous act at a time.

The future

Kwamboka hopes to one day vie for a political seat. 

Equipped with her leadership experience since primary school, she hopes to utilize her platform to effect meaningful change. 

Kwamboka at the Tribal Chick 2023, a movement where creative designers advocate for sustainable materials to create fashionable art and creating awareness for a greener environment. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Ultimately her dream is to secure the 71st edition Miss World crown, which will be held in the United Arab Emirates in May.

Winning this title would make her the first Kenyan to achieve this distinction.  

She envisions transforming Kenya and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

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Dear reader, just like Kwamboka, don’t shy away from trying as many times, even when faced with failure, until you get it right. 

You could be one step closer to your breakthrough moment. You never know how close you are to turning your dreams into a reality!

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