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A section of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL). GCBL has been making inroads into Africa and various other parts of the world in a bid to amass the talent it requires for effective engagements. PHOTO/GCBL.
A section of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL). GCBL has been making inroads into Africa and various other parts of the world in a bid to amass the talent it requires for effective engagements. PHOTO/GCBL.

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things

Mother Teresa.

As Africa continues to open up to more innovative business approaches, modern innovations, and solid collaborations, top business and global leadership entities are inviting Africa’s thinkers onto the decision-making table.

According to their website, the Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL) is a coalition of governmental leaders, CEOs and executives, entrepreneurs, investors and business and industry leaders pursuing a shared vision: the sustainable well-being and growth of business in a disruptive and ever-evolving global economy.


Under the unwavering stewardship of its Chairman, Dejan Štancer, who doubles as the President of the Kazakh-Slovenian Business Club (KSBC) and Global Ambassador of ABWCI, GCBL has been on a celestial trajectory to incorporating more vibrant and innovative brains from across the globe.

The international entity has designated 2023 as The Year of Opportunity.

Dejan Štancer, Chairman of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders. PHOTO/GCBL.

GCBL’s foremost focus is on engagements done in tandem with the UN-declared Decade of Action, upholding the need to ingrain Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the business models of the future.

This allows associates, members, and business and governmental actors to equip their businesses, moving towards becoming the decision-makers of the (near) future.

GCBL is Headquartered in Switzerland and is currently active in over 120 countries all over the globe.

It comprises a vibrant and connected “business community, inspiring resiliency, growth and request expansion in a progressive business terrain where collaboration spurs growth; education enhances capability and promotes occasion; and advocacy influences authority.”

To manage seamless operations within all these countries, it appoints representatives to be GCBL Delegates either in specific countries or regions. 

Though less often, some of these delegates also cover affiliated countries together.

Latest moves

Within the past few months, GCBL has made several partnerships with different leaders.

This has birthed the appointment of Delegates, Advisory Board Members, Directors, and Committee Members, among other leaders.

These new advancements are aimed at cementing GCBL’s presence and impact in more parts of the world, shaping more leaders and positioning them to be go-to solution givers, partners, business leaders and stewards, not only in their businesses and countries but also globally.

On March 14, 2023, in the latest strategy to open wider doors for global opportunities for trade and economic partnerships, GCBL inked a partnership with the Institute for Economic and Financial Studies (IEFS), a top-grade academic and research institution in Vietnam. 

The strategic cooperation birthed the “CEO Club – GCBL”, set to be an IEFS-run “…focal point to gather CEOs and entrepreneurs of successful businesses and startups in Vietnam. 

Prof. Ho Quoc Nam, Chairman Institute of Economic and Financial Studies (Left), and GCBL Chairman Dejan Štancer. PHOTO/GCBL.

IEFS will also work on encouraging business owners or entrepreneurs in the Asian nation to join GCBL as members,” according to a Press Release accessed by Scholar Media Africa.

The heads of the two entities signed the agreement: IEFS Chairman, Amb Prof. Nam Ho Nam, and GCBL Chairman Dejan Štancer, who called it timely and essential for promoting global trade.

In Africa, GCBL has effected various appointments for a firmer grasp of top thinkers for a better and more practical experience in the continent. 

Know your leaders

The recent appointments have seen GCBL attain a broader representation as it makes more inroads into Africa.

Some of the leaders recently incorporated include:

Robinah Nanyunja, the newly appointed Delegate for Uganda

Ms. Nanyunja is an international development expert and environmentalist with a Master’s in Environment and International Development.

She is also an awardee in Business and Management as an Honorary Professor by The Academic Union Oxford (AUO).

Ms. Nanyunja is the Founder and President of Pilot International, a social enterprise registered in Uganda, spreading broader wings in other African countries to support sustainable development in over 100 countries.

Robinah Nanyunja, GCBL Delegate for Uganda. PHOTO/GCBL.

As a leader with many hats, she is also the President, Women Economic Forum (WEF) Uganda; President of the Board, WEF Africa; Regional Vice-President and National Director for Africa by the World Economic Forum For Asia-Africa (WEFAA); Minister of Resources – Lands and Mines in the EMBO Kingdom, and President and Host for the Trans-Africa Investment Summit.

“I am extremely thrilled for this great honor. I am happy to continue being valuable to the global business community and facilitating businesses enter the global value chain, a subject I passionately hold since I graduated from school,” she said recently, in response to the appointment.

Elijah Nyaanga, Delegate for Kenya

Mr. Nyaanga is the Founder and CEO of Scholar Media Group Africa (SMEGA), a Kenyan-based media company that publishes The Scholar Magazine and runs the www.scholarmedia.africa website.

He is also the Founder of Africa Network Forum (ANEF), a family of thinkers from across Africa, and Kenya’s Representative to the Turkey – Africa Trade & Investment Council (TATIC). 

Widely known as Amb. Scholarman Senior, he is a seasoned journalist and results-oriented media personality with over ten years of progressive experience in the media industry. 

Mr. Nyaanga possesses outstanding leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to establish rapport with staff, management, business partners, and key decision-makers in organizations.

Elijah Nyaanga, GCBL Delegate for Kenya. PHOTO/GCBL.

“I thank God for yet another milestone. I, in a special way, thank my friends for your continued support that has seen me this far. I don’t take your support and immense goodwill for granted. 

Thanks to the Global Chamber of Business Leaders Board of Directors and the Chairman, Dejan Štancer, for trusting and appointing me as Kenya’s Delegate for the next two years. 

I commit to doing everything possible to achieve GCBL’s vision in Kenya and other parts of the world. Together we can!” said Mr. Nyaanga, responding to his appointment to the highest position in country representation. 

Cementing the numerous other partnerships and collaborative moves hitherto made by Scholar Media Africa, the appointment positions the company in a firm foundation of impactful storytelling in its positively-inclined coverage of diverse areas locally, nationally and continentally.

Dr. Naike Moshi, Delegate for Tanzania

Dr. Moshi is a certified Board Director, and founder, Women in Management Africa (WIMA). 

Dr. Naike Moshi, GCBL Delegate for Tanzania. PHOTO/GCBL.

WIMA is an NGO registered in Tanzania focusing on improving gender balance and diversity on boards and in leadership roles in tandem with sustainable business practices and UN Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 10.

It was founded on the idea of addressing lower female presentation at leadership and senior management levels in the workplace, which has been a challenge, especially in Africa.

Dominic Oduro-Antwi, Delegate for Ghana

Mr. Antwi is a vibrant marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in Market Research, Advertising, and Branding. 

Dominic Oduro-Antwi, GCBL Delegate for Ghana. PHOTO/GCBL.

Equally, he is an entrepreneur, a chief servant, a business facilitator, and a publisher, having worked in market research in Ghana, other African countries, and Asia.

Dr. Khomotšo Mashalane, Delegate for South Africa

 Dr. Mashalane is a highly recognized humanitarian, global influencer, world leader, philanthropist, and women empowerment advocate. 

Dr. Khomotšo Mashalane, GCBL Delegate for South Africa. PHOTO/GCBL.

Her over-two-decade-old women empowerment and research on issues affecting women have equipped them to rise from their small position to become great leaders.

Billy Branham, Delegate for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Mr. Branham is among the vibrant leadership development voices in Africa. He is also a coach, international speaker, leadership consultant, best-selling author, and social entrepreneur.

He is also the founder of Inspire 50 Women Conference & Network and Inspire 50 Young Women Conference & Network, which are initiatives of Billy Issa Leadership Int’l aimed at promoting the leadership of African women and young women in the global spheres.

Other delegates include Dr. Justina Mutale, Delegate for Zambia; Idiris Fadul, Delegate for Sudan & South Sudan; Franck Elmer Essono Edoh, Delegate for Gabon; Papa Yusupha Njie, Delegate for Gambia, among others.

Billy Branham, GCBL Delegate for the Democratic Republic of Congo. PHOTO/GCBL.

Outside Africa, other countries represented include the USA, Finland, Armenia, Greece, Nepal, and Vietnam.

Other appointments included additional members into the different Boards. 

GCBL is tapping into the world’s renowned business, political, and industry leaders, innovators, and humanitarians.   

According to GCBL, the Board “encompasses a broad cross-section of experience worldwide, allowing the GCBL to be the leading business chamber globally.”

Such new appointments include Anna Arakelyan, Director for Strategy and Growth, Melvin Tarlue, Senior Advisor for Media Relations; Hazel Herrington (CEO and Founder Herrington Publications Worldwide, Australia), Keith Mason, Karen Mcdermott, and Laila Rahhal El Atfani as Board of Advisors Members; 

Nicole Farrel, the newly appointed Director of Communication and Public Relations. PHOTO/GCBL.
Graciela De Oto (L) and Diana Barragan Medina, Committee for Business & Professional Women. PHOTO/GCBL.

Nicole Farrel, the newly appointed Director of Communication and Public Relations; Graciela De Oto and Diana Barragan Medina in the Committee for Business & Professional Women; and Ilaine Henz and Robert W. Cats, Committee for Food Security and Agriculture, among many other appointees into GCBL’s vibrant Boards, Committees and other sectors of leadership. 

Becoming a member

Business leaders and executives wishing to become members of GCBL can apply for membership through the GCBL website and join the vibrant conclave of thinkers, founders, decision-makers, and world movers therein.

Benefits of membership

Joining GCBL as a member comes with access to the many tools, resources, and networks required to position your business to venture into new markets, connect, innovate, be resilient, grow, and succeed. 

Ilaine Henz (L) and Robert W. Cats, Committee for Food Security and Agriculture. PHOTO/GCBL.

It rewards you with visibility and exposure to a sea of opportunities as an individual and as a business.

“The more our companies are global and globally connected, the better results and growth we can expect,” the GCBL believes.

Members are at a vantage point to gain from the immense diversity, innovative ideas, and shared knowledge and expertise.

Membership reasons for your company

The GCBL gives several motivations why as a company, you should drop the games and apply for membership:

  1. Networking and collaboration with global leaders, members, executives, and other partners of GCBL across the world.
  2. Participation in the GCBL Annual Global Summit, and all events across the world, global business delegations, exhibitions, etc.
  3. Consulting with our Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, GCBL delegates, other global leaders, and executive team.
  4. They give direct access and business opportunities with companies, organizations, NGOs, and business leaders who are members of GCBL.
  5. Project participation, business involvement, involvement with investors and creditors, preferential prices, and discounts on GCBL members and partners from around the world.

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You can access more details about the Global Chamber of Business Leaders here.


Melvin Tarlue, GCBL Senior Advisor for Media Relations. PHOTO/GCBL.
Keith Mason, a former international rugby player turned actor and a member of the GCBL Advisory Board. PHOTO/GCBL.
Dr. Justina Mutale, GCBL Delegate for Zambia. PHOTO/GCBL.
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