Matiang’i promises peaceful elections

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i (left) officiates a fundraiser at St. Peter’s Nyakemincha yesterday. POTO/Dan Nyamanga, The Scholar Media Africa.

Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Interior and Coordination of National Government Dr. Fred Matiang’i has promised Kenyans of enhanced security and peaceful campaigns and election period in 2022.
Speaking at St. Peter’s Nyakemincha Secondary School on Friday, Dr. Matiang’i urged Kenyans to be peaceful and tolerant to one another.

He urged Kenyans to respect each other’s opinion as the country gears towards an electioneering period.
“Let’s uphold democracy and not insults and assault; everyone should be given a chance to sell their manifestos and agendas,” Dr Matiang’i said.
“The electorate will have the final say at the ballot and we want the will of the people to be heard and felt in our country.”
Dr. Matiang’i also assured women aspirants that his ministry will ensure that their security is a priority.
“Our women aspirants will be given enough protection. We will help them so that they are not intimidated during and after the 2022 general election,” he said.
“In our ministry, we will ensure that safety of all Kenyans is guaranteed,” added Dr. Matiang’i.
The CS said that isolated insecurity cases in Samburu and Marsabit where lives were lost and livestock stolen had been taken care of and security enhanced.
“On the isolated areas of Samburu and Marsabit, we have already increased vigilance,” he said.
He said his ministry was determined to talk to local leaders so that they can talk to their people and co-exist peacefully.
“Killing each other is not a solution, it does not help. If there are challenges of resources, we can share them and live together,” he said.
Dr Matiang’i said inter-clan challenges have become toxic and violent.

“Bullets and guns do not bring peace, what brings peace is all of us coming together and living together as one people,” he said.
Six people were killed on Thursday in Marsabit during an inter-clan conflict.
Dr. Matiang’i was speaking during a fundraiser for St. Peter’s Nyakemincha Secondary School.

The funds will be used to build a tuition block.

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