Bosibori: I’m in pain!

Faith Bosibori Osano. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Yes, the leg of Faith Bosibori Osano, 8, was amputated but that was not sufficient experience to end her suffering.

It was not!

Bosibori who hails from Keumbu village of Kisii County is back in hospital and the pain is worsening.

She wriths in pain. She cries. She mentions names. She calls her God.
Tears roll until the eyes run dry quite literally. Then, she sleeps, albeit for a few minutes before she wakes to undergo the emotional journey yet again.

Last year, volunteers raised over Sh200,000 and took her to Nyanchwa Mission Hospital where her leg was amputated.

She was admitted back at hospital recently and her lymphnode specimen was sent to Diagnosis Labs Limited.

A pathological report signed by Dr Peter Asaava indicated in part that numerous mitoses, necrosis and cystic degradation were noted.

Doctors established that Bosibori has bone cancer known as osteosarcoma.

She was referred to Eldoret Hospital Tuesday morning for oncologic management.

By the time we filed this report, volunteers touched by a video of the girl screaming on the hospital bed had carried her and were on their way to Eldoret, banking on hope that money will be raised to save the girl.

A WhatsApp group has been formed to raise funds as other ways are being sought.

For clarifications kindly contact any of the following;

  1. Doreen Moses: +254724055325
  2. Enock Mkate: +254712921187
  3. Nyaneti Rodgers Omare: +254726049255 (treasurer)
  4. Benjamin Onsomu: +254728027069

The above listed are coordinating the mission.

Faith Bosibori Osano. PHOTO/Courtesy.
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